The Resistance

'The Resistance' is a group project for my final year at University. My role in this project as Lead Animator includes producing high quality animations for both the playable character and the residents of the city in a limited amount of time. I am also responsible for setting up the AI and organizing our freelance animator. 'The Resistance' has been featured in an article by 80 Level. We will also be interviewed by them again once the project is finished and the article will be updated.
'The Resistance' has recently gained an 'Excellence Award' in the Rookies Competition.
We have also caught the attention of people at Epic Games gaining a spot on the Spotlight Projects section of their Unreal Engine launcher and even being featured in one of their recent live streams.
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The Resistance - Adelaide Coldham Evidence Reel

This is a compilation of all the animations and blueprints I have worked on over the last year for the Resistance project in evidence for the final part of my degree in Games Art at the University of Hertfordshire.

Winner 2018 Search for a Star Games Animation Competition

I recently won the 2018 Search for a Star Games animation competition with the above entry. This is a national competition run by Aardvark Swift in partnership with many games studios across the United Kingdom open to final year and masters degree students who are looking to get into the games industry.

2017 University Animation Showreel

This is my latest animation showreel for my third year at university.